Beginning Programming Resources

Programming Resources

w3schools – A great site to get started on learning how to create many types of Internet content. This site can get you started on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, JSON, PHP, etc.

Code Academy – Part of Khan Academy, this is a great place for very measured and systematic immersion into Internet development.

FileZilla – A file transfer protocol tool that will allow you to upload files to a server, if you have the username and password to access the server.

Notepad++ – A great general purpose editor that will allow you to quickly edit HTML, CSS, and other types of files, and preview them before you upload. There are better Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), but Notepad++ is a great tool to get started with.

Visual Studio Code – A free, open source version of Visual Studio that works well with JavaScript. A little bit of a learning curve, but well worth it, if you do a lot of coding.

Azure – Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, you can create a free account and get ~$200 worth of services for one month to learn. You can host and edit your websites here, learn server-side development and database connections.

AWS – Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s cloud computing platform, very popular and has multiple certification tracks.

TestOut – Offers reasonably priced IT courses where you can earn and prepare for industry certifications in networking, security, and support.





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